Funding Opportunity: Banting Research Foundation Discovery Award

This is a one-year grant of up to $25K for innovative health and biomedical research by new investigators (within the first three years of their first academic appointment). Eligibility is limited to those who have not been awarded more than $150K in start-up funding and not awarded more than $50K per year in operating funds.


To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • be a new investigator at any Canadian university or affiliated research institute who will be within the first three years of the date of first career academic appointment at the application deadline date of March 15, 2019
  • have not been awarded by your institution more than $150,000 in start-up funding (exclusive of support from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation)
  • have not been awarded more than $50,000 per annum in external operating funds at the application deadline date. (An applicant who has been awarded more than $50,000 per annum in external operating funds may submit a request for less than $25,000, such that the total sum of operating funds received from all sources during the funding year, should the application to the Banting Research Foundation be successful, not exceed $75,000.)

Institutional Support:

The application must be accompanied by a letter of nomination from the applicant’s host department or division head that:

  • confirms all eligibility criteria have been met
  • details the operating and the institutional start-up funds available to the applicant
  • confirms the candidate has been provided the space and access to institutional infrastructure necessary to conduct the proposed research
  • details a mentorship plan, including the name of a mentor, who will assist the applicant in launching their career by providing guidance with formulating research proposals, defining career goals and the timelines required to achieve them

A department/division head will be permitted to nominate only one potential applicant during each annual granting cycle.

Funding Payments

The maximum duration of the grant is one year, from July 1 to June 30. Extensions may be considered and must be requested in writing at least 30 days prior to the grant end date. Grants are paid quarterly within the funding year, starting July 1. Grants are paid to the finance office of the sponsoring institution. Grantees may draw on this account as needed.

Acceptable Use of Funding

Funds can be used to purchase equipment and for general operating expenses specified in the budget proposal, including salaries for technicians, postdoctoral fellows and students. Funds may not be used to pay the salary of the applicant, overhead, or travel expenses. Equipment purchased with grant funds is the property of the institution at which the grant is held. Any unexpended funds are to be returned to the Banting Research Foundation.

Ethical and Safety Considerations

Applicants are expected to ensure their proposed research complies with ethics and safety guidelines of their home institution. Human research procedures must comply with the Tri-Council Policy Statement, “Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans.” Animal experimental procedures must comply with guidelines of the Canadian Council on Animal Care. Procedures for handling biological and chemical hazards must meet CIHR “Guidelines for the Handling of Recombinant DNA Molecules and Animal Viruses and Cells.”

Deadline: March 15, 2019
Click here for full details and application package.


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