Funding Opportunity: GlycoNet Alberta Partnership Projects

Background and Description of Opportunity:
The Canadian Glycomics Network (GlycoNet) is a Network of Centres of Excellence that focuses on the role of glycans (carbohydrates) in health. Areas of focus are antimicrobials, chronic diseases (including diabetes & obesity), neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer.

The funding for this request for proposals (RFP) is being provided by Alberta Innovates (AI) and seeks to support Alberta-based projects that will lead to tangible benefits to the Province. This includes intellectual property, start-up companies, processes, products, services, policies and/or clinical practice guidelines that can be developed with Partners and/or Stakeholders. Given the source of funding, only investigators located in the Province of Alberta are eligible to apply for funding through this RFP. Investigators from outside of Alberta can be involved in projects, but must support their own activities through other sources of funding.

A key goal of GlycoNet is to support research projects that are multi-disciplinary and preferably translational. Accordingly, this RFP seeks to fund projects that involve two or more research groups in different disciplines. Proposals that involve an investigator who is primarily funded by one of the Tri-Council agencies (e.g., CIHR) working with others primarily funded by one or both of the other Tri-Council agencies (e.g., NSERC and/or SSHRC) will be viewed most favorably.

Project applications must:

  • Be targeted to the role/use of glycans in reducing the economic burden and/or treatment of infectious
    diseases, chronic diseases, diabetes and obesity, rare genetic diseases, or the development of glycobased
    therapeutic proteins and vaccines
  • Must have multi-disciplinary teams involving researchers as described above
  • Lead to tangible deliverables by the end of the project, leading to disease treatment or diagnosis
    • Deliverables include intellectual property, processes, products, services, policies and/or
      clinical practice guidelines that can be developed with Partners and/or Stakeholders
    • Partner refers to an organization providing cash or in-kind contributions towards a Network
      project or the Network’s activities. A Stakeholder is an end-user organization that
      does not provide a financial contribution
  • Demonstrate a 1:2 financial match with partner funding. For every two dollars requested in the proposal from GlycoNet/AI, at least one dollar in matching must be provided. At least 50% of the matching funds should be cash. Funding from provincial funding sources (excluding Alberta Innovates), industry, foundations and federal funding, including from the Tri-Council (e.g., CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) and CFI, is eligible for matching. However, NSERC Discovery Grant and CIHR Project Grant and SSHRC Insight Grant are not eligible. Please contact if you have specific questions about matching eligibility. The project budget must clearly show the co-contribution of partner funds in alignment with eligible project expenses. Projects that involve an industrial partner will be viewed most favorably
  • Projects with a higher level of matching funds (e.g., 1:1, Partners:GlycoNet) will be viewed more favorably
  • Provide information on the number and type (i.e., undergraduate, graduate student, PDF, etc.) of Highly Qualified Personnel expected to be trained in each year of the project
  • Demonstrate equity, diversity and inclusion within the project team (including at the NI level) and in its activities
  • List the desired type of professional development training that GlycoNet could provide to HQP, for example, lab rotations, communication and writing skills improvement, etc.

Funding Available:
All projects must be completed within one year (12 months). Projects will be funded up to a maximum of $100,000/year and require 1:2 matching as outlined above. Therefore, the total project budget with GlycoNet funding and matching contributions would be a maximum of $150,000/year. Securing additional matching will allow the project budget to increase above $150,000/year. Projects requesting less than the maximum amount will be considered. We anticipate approving up to seven proposals with a funding start date of April 1, 2019.

This funding call is only available to investigators working at an academic or research institution in the Province of Alberta. Investigators from outside of Alberta can be involved in projects, but they must support their own activities. Furthermore, based on NCE requirements, this opportunity is open only to individuals who are eligible to hold Tri-Council funds; CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC. Furthermore, GlycoNet requires that all investigators receiving Network funding must have other peer-reviewed support. Such support need not be from the Tri-Council. Questions about project suitability can be directed to the GlycoNet Administrative Office (

Potential applicants must register by email to Karli Stein ( by January 7, 2019. Upon registration, applicants will receive detailed instructions for completing the full proposal in the GlycoNet Forum. A complete registration includes the project title, a brief project description, a list of investigators and partners involved in the project, and an anticipated budget request (including matching funds, which do not need to be confirmed at the time of registration).

Proposal Submission & Deadline:
Proposals must be submitted through the GlycoNet Forum by 23:59 (PST) on February 8, 2019. Before review, GlycoNet Management will conduct a review of the proposal to ensure compliance with evaluation criteria. If a proposal is missing critical information, the applicants will be requested to provide the missing information within 48 hours, then re-submit through the GlycoNet Forum. If the proposal is not updated as requested, it will be eliminated from the further review. All proposals will be peer-reviewed by the GlycoNet Research Management Committee and/or GlycoNet Commercialization Committee and externally with final approval by the Board of Directors.

Additional Information:
Questions about this opportunity can be sent to

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