ProtoKinetix releases video update of Dr. James Shapiro’s clinical trial

(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec 19, 2018–ProtoKinetix, Incorporated ( (the “Company” or “ProtoKinetix”) (OTCQB: PKTX ) announces the launch of the first in a series of informational videos by the Principal Investigators in each field currently being tested.

The first video is an update on the clinical trial of AAGP™ PKX-001 treated islet cells used in conjunction with the Edmonton Protocol for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes led by Dr. James Shapiro, MD, PhD, FRCSC, MSM FCAHS, AHS Director of Clinical Islet and Living Donor Liver Transplant Programs, Canada Research Chair in Transplant Surgery and Regenerative Medicine, Professor of Surgery, Medicine and Surgical Oncology, University of Alberta.

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