ATI Executive member Dr. Ronald Moore recipient of 2018 Alumni Honour Award

ATI Executive Committee Member Dr. Donald Moore is the recipient of an Alumni Honour Award (2018). From the official FoMD announcement:

“Dr. Moore’s contributions have led to significant advancements in bladder, kidney and prostate cancer. Plus, Moore has been involved in a number of firsts: for example, he was the first surgeon in Alberta to successfully treat kidney cancer under hypothermic circulatory arrest, which involves cooling the body and stopping blood flow and brain function for a short period.

An internationally recognized clinician-researcher, Moore developed laser treatment as therapy for prostate and bladder cancer. It’s called photodynamic therapy and it activates chemotherapy drugs inside tumours with the help of laser light. It’s less invasive than regular treatment and gives hope to patients.

Moore’s work has changed urologic and transplant surgeries and helped improve the lives of countless cancer patients and their families.”

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