Organ Donation in Canada: Report of the Standing Committee on Health

In September, the Standing Committee on Health tabled a comprehensive Report on “Organ Donation in Canada” that arose from discussions with a number of key and influential groups, including CNTRP, CBS, TGLN, BC Transplant, and the Kidney Foundation. Collectively, these groups made a strong push for the Federal government to provide continued and sustained support for both a national clinical coordinating program and a strong national research program in donation and transplantation.

The recommendations from the report are very encouraging. The main recommendations are:

  • supporting the adoption of best practices in organ donation and transplantation across all jurisdictions;

  • investing in national public education and awareness campaigns to promote conversations among family members regarding organ donation;

  • creating more opportunities for Canadians to register their decisions regarding organ donation; and

  • providing sustained funding for research and data collection to ensure that organ transplantation results in improved health outcomes for Canadians.

Click here to read the full Report.

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