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ATI Seminar Series is now on summer hiatus

The ATI Seminar Series is on hiatus for the summer. Join us in September, when the fall talks begin.

ATI is looking for speakers for the ATI Seminar this fall!

We have a number of openings this fall and winter, and are now booking speakers. Presenting at the ATI Seminar Series is an excellent opportunity to promote your research.

Trainees and graduate students are also welcome to present their research, either in a full 45 minute presentation or a shorter talk.

If you would like to present at the ATI Seminar Series this fall and winter, please contact

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 CNTRP Alberta Transplant Innovation Fund Research Innovation Grant

Four Alberta-based researchers were awarded 2017 CNTRP Alberta Transplant Innovation Fund Research Innovation Grants!

Dr Benjamin Adam (University of Alberta), “The molecular phenotype of polyomarivus nephropathy and its distinction from T-cell mediated rejection”

Dr Aldo Montano-Loza (University of Alberta), “A prospective, longitudinal evaluation of skeletal muscle for prognosis of patients with cirrhosis evaluated for liver transplantation”

Dr Puneeta Tandon (University of Alberta), “A personalized online pre-habilitation program to improve health outcomes in patients awaiting liver transplantation”

Dr Steven Greenway (University of Calgary), “Mechanism of microbiome-mediated gastrointestinal toxicity of mycophenolate mofetil”

Upcoming ATI Seminars

June 13: Dr. Tasneem Remtulla, “Transition to transplant: Coping skills development – a group approach”

June 20: Dr. Kieran Halloran, “Baseline lung allograft dysfunction: Survival Implications and Risk Factors”

The ATI Seminar Series will be on summer hiatus after June 20.