Upcoming ATI Seminars

May 2: Dr. Russ Greiner, “An effective way to estimate an individual’s survival distribution”

May 9: Dr. Allan Murray, title TBA

May 16: Screening international version of “Vital Bonds”, with Director Niobe Thompson. Please note change to time and Edmonton location:  Bernard Snell Hall, 12:00-1:30. Lunch will not be provided, as rules prohibit food in the theatre.

May 23: Dr. Benjamin Adam, title TBA

May 31: Dr. Christine Falk (visiting from , title TBA

Suggestions for topics and speakers are always welcome! If you would like to present your research please contact karen.hunter@ualberta.ca. The ATI Seminar Series is a great opportunity to promote your research, whether you’re an investigator or trainee! We now are booking for Fall 2018

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