Upcoming ATI Seminars

Oct 25: Dr. Ron Moore, “The History of Transplantation: Innovation milestones”

Nov. 1: Dr. Carla Prado and Dr. Sarah Elliot, title TBD

Nov. 8: There is no seminar scheduled

Nov. 15: Dr. Minal Borker, title TBD


If you would like to present your research please contact karen.hunter@ualberta.ca. The ATI Seminar Series is a great opportunity to promote your research, whether you’re a principal investigator or trainee! We are still looking for speakers for spring.

Within 2 weeks of each seminar, please register your attendance and provide your feedback. This information is required for our metrics reporting. Our registration platform is computer and mobile friendly! Click on the links below to go to the online self-registration portal.

You can now register and provide feedback on two seminars during the same self-registration session.

ATI Seminar Self-Registration – Edmonton

ATI Seminar Self-Registration – Calgary

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