Upcoming ATI Seminars

June 28: Dr. Rajalingam Raja (U of C visiting speaker from University of California, San Francisco), “C3d and C1q bindings correlate with IgG MFI, but not AMR”

July – August: The ATI Seminar Series will be on a summer hiatus. Check the ATI Website later this summer for details on fall speakers.


Information on upcoming seminars can be found on the ATI website.

If you would like to give a talk in next year’s seminar series, or if you would like to suggest a potential speaker, please contact karen.hunter@ualberta.ca.

Please note that the ATI is now using an online, self-registration system for the ATI Seminar Series. This allows us to collect attendance information for Continuing Medical Education or Continuing Professional Development reporting, as well as the data required for metrics reporting, so we would ask that all audience members sign in within two weeks of each seminar. The survey/registration can be accessed from your computer, and is mobile friendly for cell phones and tablets.

The link is included in the weekly seminar announcements, and is also available on the ATI Seminar Series webpage.

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