ATI at the FOMD Health Festival 2017

The ATI hosted at booth at the FOMD Health Festival on June 3, 2017.

Following Dr. Lori West’s 3-minute speed talk on new frontiers in transplant medicine, our booth was crowded with visitors the rest of the day! The ATI booth featured an Ex-vivo perfusion machine for lungs, provided by Dr. Darren Freed. The cart included video and sound effects of human lungs undergoing negative pressure ventilation in the ex vivo machine, much to the amazement of our visitors.  Many thanks to Nader Aboelnazar, an M.Sc student in Dr. Freed’s laboratory, who prepared the display and spent the day answering questions.

Mike Cunningham and Dean Campbell of the Canadian Transplant Association also attended the event to discuss and promote organ awareness. We had several people at our booth who are either transplant recipients or are wait-listed for transplant, and they appreciated the opportunity to connect with other transplant recipients.

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