Announcing the ATI Undergraduate Summer Studentship Recipients for 2017!

This summer, 4 talented undergraduate students will spend their summer working in a transplantation research lab, thanks to the ATI Undergraduate Summer Studentship Award, which has been launched province-wide this year.

University of Alberta

Gina Sykes  (supervisor Dr. Luis Hidalgo). Project title: “Endothelial Expression of HLA Class II Locus-specific Antigens – Implications to Antibody-Mediated Rejection of Solid Organ Transplants”

Donald Grynock (supervisor Dr. Jutta Preiksaitis). Project title “Evaluation of the impact of HLA matching on cytomegalovirus (CMV) transmission and infection and CMV-HLA interactions on long term graft function in kidney transplant recipients”

Martin Ondrus  (supervisor Dr. Darren Freed). Project title “Inflammation during ex-vivo heart perfusion”

University of Calgary

Kedra Peterson (supervisor Dr. Tony Truong). Project title: “EBV infection, reactivation and Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disease in children undergoing allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant”


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