November 10, 2016: Edmonton Premiere of the Transplantation Documentary “Memento Mori”


The Edmonton premiere of the upcoming documentary Memento Mori will be on November 10 at the Metro Cinema at 6:30 pm, with an encore presentation November 13 at 1pm. This film is a transplant documentary directed by Niobe Tompson and produced by Rosie Dransfeld (ID: Productions Inc) and the National Film Board of Canada.

The Gift/In Mementor Mori is an uncompromising cinematic journey alongside the living and the dying, filmed with remarkable access to one of the world’s busiest organ-transplant hospitals. In cinéma-vérité style, we witness the most profound experiences in any human life: moments of unbearable suspense leading to sudden and senseless loss, or the unexpected joy of a second chance. A baby, grasped from the jaws of death. A father, struggling to live for the sake of his daughter. The parents of a young man, thrust without warning into a tragedy that will test their humanity. With empathy and honesty, The Gift transports us to a world few of us understand, but all of us are fated to someday visit. An arresting tour de force of observational filmmaking, both beautiful and profound.

Watch the trailer for the film here

Tickets will be available online at here

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