Showcasing the new CNTRP Patient Database and Virtual Biorepository

Webinar: Monday, November 2, 2015 at 2pm MT

This webinar will showcase the new CNTRP Patient Database that will capture and help us track all patients involved in CNTRP studies.  Dr. Paulson will introduce the new Database and present the research capabilities of this new platform.  Dr. Schultz and Peter Subrt will present the new CNTRP Virtual Biorepository that allows researchers to collect, tag, and link samples with other researchers across the country using a robust and cost effective platform.  They will showcase the early case study in Montreal and demonstrate the features of the platform.  This session is for all CNTRP members to learn more about these important resources. (read more)

For information on joining these webinars, please contact David Hartell at davidhartell [at]

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