New Career Opportunity at the Alberta Transplant Institute – Operations Manager – competition now open


​The Alberta Transpant Institute (ATI), at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, has opened a competition to hire an Operations Manager for the ATI.  

 The mission of the ATI is to achieve global impact with respect to the goals of cutting­ edge research, exemplary patient care and highly sought out educational opportunities. The formation of the Alberta Transplant Institute brings together individuals from multiple clinical programs [kidney, liver, heart, lung, islet, bone marrow, infectious diseases, and others] under a single umbrella to work towards the over-arching goals of increasing access to transplantation, improving outcomes for patients, improving long-term function of transplants, exploring new therapies to reduce rejection and graft-vs-host disease, exploring new strategies to address infectious diseases following transplantation, transplantation across blood-group barriers, and improving our ability to diagnose and treat complications post-transplant and personalize treatment.

Reporting to the ATI Director, the Operations Manager has overall responsibility for establishing, prioritizing, coordinating and overseeing the Institute’s operations and works collaboratively with the Institute’s Leadership Team to ensure an efficient and effective organization that supports the daily operational activities.

For more information and to apply for the position, visit

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