ATI Congratulates Documentary Filmmaker Rosie Dransfeld of ID Productions on Receiving the 2015 Kidney Foundation of Canada’s Public Awareness Award

ATI congratulates award-winning filmmaker Rosie Dransfeld and ID Productions for their very well-deserved 2015 Public Awareness Award from the Kidney Foundation of Canada. Rosie and her team created and produced the outstanding documentary film  ‘The Ward‘, that chronicles the many challenges in the lives of renal patients, capturing their daily trials and triumphs in their battle for survival. Rosie and her team were given the award for successfully heightening public awareness of kidney disease and its related problems in Canada.

Rosie and her team at ID Productions are now working with anthrologist and filmmaker Niobe Thompson on two new transplant film projects together with members of the Alberta Transplant Institute and CNTRP. The first is a point of view (POV)-style film on donation for theatrical release, co-produced by the National Film Board of Canada, and the second will be a science-documentary on transplantation for CBC’s The Nature of Things.

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